To take a recently defenestrated object and throw it back through the window it was ejected from.
"They threw their lawyer out the window - but I quickly refenestrated him. I didn't want him either."
by Zahaqiel March 23, 2009
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Opposite of defenestration.

The act of throwing something previously thrown out of a window back into said window.
After an almost instantaneous refenestration of the book I had just thrown out, I was promptly struck in the head by it.
by imshane April 1, 2009
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The action of pulling someone into a window, or being pulled in yourself.
"Being Refenestrated is not fun"

The opposite of defenestration,
Johnathan learned what refenestration meant

"i'm going to refenestrate you"
by smoothoe March 20, 2023
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