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the equivalent to "owned" or when someone insults someone else it can be used in such ways...
El Negro: You is a big fat whore
*chinease guy crys*
Black Person:OHHHHHH, you got reesed mo-fucka

Charlie:I want a popsicle
Talom:I'm Jewish though
Shenaynay: OHHH damn, you got reesed fag
by sanks September 27, 2005
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Owned, pwned, WTFPWNED and all else that means owned; The equivelent of owned.
Black guy: Ima kut chu jewsoph. *shenks*

Shanaynay: Damn chu just got reesed niggazzzz.

by Sailing December 11, 2006
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A situation you may be in when you wake up naked, tired, feeling sick and worrying about what had happened after a heavy night of drinking, in the same feotal position as Kyle Reese in The Terminator when he first appears in 1984 as a result of time travelling.
He's Reesed
I woke up Reesed this morning
by Tuck Dublin February 27, 2011
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When a person bails on their bar tab, causing a massive overhaul in the bar-tab policy. Likely resulting in everyone having to pay cash upfront.

Derived from the words: 'reest' (to be noisily uncooperative) and the word 'resign' (to give up responsibility).
I went to grab a cold one with a friend, ended up stuck with a massive tab after they bailed on paying. I totally got 'reesed', now the bar is making us all pay cash upfront.

Dude, did you see that guy dine and ditch ? Even though he is devilishly-handsome, he totally reesed on the bill.
by TheBarFlyCA May 24, 2017
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