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Reeghan, often being great listeners; their constant shoulder, with none in return can make them feel unappreciated. Being very bottled people, Reeghan prefers smaller packs, or just a significant other. The people they carefully choose to keep close, they cherish and devote all time and care to. Their rough tone and behavior doesn't necessarily mean they're difficult to get along with. Getting to know them just takes more battle. They don't reveal themselves with patience; some pressure needs to be added, as they keep hidden and find it selfish to involve others in such matters. As lover, Reeghan is very yearning for attention from significant others in quieter ways, sending very subtle notions; this technique typically ending in failure because of vague, confused messages they may not even understand, themselves. Reeghan becomes very tender to compliments and requited feelings, not having very much charisma this may catch them off guard. Reeghan remains very loyal, preferring a more 'behind closed doors' relationship, making to be very passionate. If a lover comes into their life, thinking can become quite a task, as they are a romantic type; potential lovers can be seen as a distraction in a somewhat good way. Friends are precious and adored in their eyes. Reeghan is always there to talk to any of their friend's needs. Sometimes so much they ignore their own issues, at times even using their friend's problems as distractions from their own.
Person1: I've been feeling really upset lately.
Person2: Why don't you talk to Reeghan? They always know what to say.
by Foreign_Guy June 06, 2017
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