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Term used to describe various personnel actions taken by the management of a poorly run business operation or a government agency in a futile effort to get the entity back on track.
After several years of less than stellar performances by the company ,its management set out to redisorganize.
by sally in the car February 28, 2010
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To "clean" a surface or room by moving the mess to a different location, or to several locations that are not where the objects actually belong. Redisorganizing invariably results in either having to clean up the mess again later (or someone else having to clean it up), resulting in doing twice the work, or in losing important objects such as car keys, school papers, condoms, etc.

Usually, people redisorganize because they don't know where an object belongs, so they put it somewhere else, thus making it someone else's responsibility to clean it up. That or they're just lazy and put all their stuff in their closet.
"Sorry I'm late, I couldn't find my keys. My girlfriend redisorganized my room and put them in the wrong spot."

"Sorry I'm late, I redisorganized my room and my mom made me clean it again. So I just shoved everything in my closet."
by AnimalAngel August 12, 2011
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