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When your having sex with a movie from redbox in the background
Girlfriend "That was great, let's just chat now"
Boyfriend "Sorry gotta return the disc to the redbox machine. Seems"
Girlfriend "But....."
Redbox and chill
by ToadBomb24 October 20, 2015
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Created by the boys at ETC, Redbox and Chill is for people who don't have a good internet connection and use the return fee as an exit strategy.
"Yo babe, wanna Redbox and Chill?"
by theredfieri September 22, 2015
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When you have sex inside a car with a DVD from RedBox playing on the DVD player in the car
-Hey Babe, wanna go for a ride? ;)
-Sure Boo, stop by RedBox on the way!
-You bet, I've been dying to RedBox and Chill.
by Turkay January 19, 2016
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Code for when your girlfriend or wife is on her period and you have to fuck her on it. Red represents her period. Box represents her pussy.
Victor: "Hey Laisa wanna come over and watch Netflix and chill"

Laisa: "Sure, but I'm on my period"

Victor: "Wait I guess we are gonna Redbox and chill instead?"

Julia: "Sounds good, if you don't mind ketchup on your hotdog!"
by ghost21 December 30, 2017
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