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1. A person who is considered strange to other people. This person will do utterly strange and unbelievably nutty things, and can be considered "Redbow".

2. A complete spaceout who does not follow trends or a ubculture. 'Redbow' will just do what he feels, and can get along with most people. This person does not actually conform to a stereotype and shouldn't be labled sane at any cost.

3. If you witness a Redbow in the wild, the sanatarium has been breached and you should call the town Mime to outwierd him. If there's a "illuminati" sign attached to him though, no futher action needs to be taken, as hes most likely allready locked up, and looked after in the illuminuttie nuthouse.
1. Eww, Redbow chokes his chicken in milk and hawks loogies. What a complete kneebiter.

2. Redbow listens to 80's music and wears a clown-nose, pirate-eyepatch, ninjahood, 70's-afro and some twisted Platform shoes. Obviously a shadow-ops/illuminati member.
by Bingokongen May 30, 2005
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