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When a ginger tries to distract you from the fact they have no soul.
"That ginger totally changed the subject when I asked if he had a soul."
"Wow man, what a red hairing!"
by Lett3rs4ndNumb3rs April 11, 2012
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The act of hurling insults and/or employing inflammatory rhetoric as a tool of misdirection in order to avoid providing a sufficient answer or solution to a challenging question or situation. (Generally the rhetoric is designed to appeal to a particular base emotion to incite anger in an effort to divert attention from a specific question or situation. If done successfully, the receiver doesn’t realize their original question or challenge wasn’t actually addressed. This seems to be effective, regardless of type or level of intelligence or income if the correct diversion is created.)
I watched the 2016 RNC but all I heard was a lot of red-hairing.
by Machinator July 30, 2016
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When a ginger's pubic hair gets caught in the braces of someone who's sucking their dick.
Richard: Dude, last night this bitch gave me a Red Hairing so bad we had to cut off my pubes while they were still in her braces!
Nick: Are they still in there right now?
Richard: Fuck yeah!
by wordier February 09, 2014
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