Red Crayons (Ranga crayons)are very yummy. The more toxic they are the better it tastes. The taste is very much like blood which is good to know for all you people out there who want to try it. The red crayon is very crunchy.

Other crayons that are very similar are clear crayons. They taste nearly as good as red crayons. Clear crayons taste like tears.

Many people agree that Blue Fire is also very yummy but only you can eat it if you are a ranga.
It is hard to eat BLue Fire cos it is very hot. Only true rangas (like Izzy and Marli) can eat it easily. You must a ranga if you can eat Blue FIre. If a ranga says yes then you can eat BLueFire aswell.

Most crayon brands come with a red crayon, however you need to shop at specific art stores to find a clear crayon as they are not as easy to get hold of.
kid picks up a red crayon off the floor.
"Yummy you gotta try it"
Other children find other coloured crayons on the floor but realise it doesn't taste as good :(
"I want a ranga crayon!!!!WAAAAAA"
And they all start to cry except that kid with the red crayon.

See Red crayons are worth a cry over

((Really its bad to eat crayons. They are yummy but can be deadly o.O))
by x Izzy x January 15, 2008
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