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A term that means when a television network is so damn cheap that instead of hiring new actors to star in their new series or shows, they'll take actors from other shows or movies (that are on their network) and put them in it. Disney is the biggest culprit of this and no one notices because everyone loves Disney right? But, how many things are they going to stick frikn Ashley Tisdale in?
Girl 1: Hey! High School Musical is on, and look, it's Ashley Tisdale!

Girl 2: Hey! The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is on, and theres Ashley Tisdale again. And hey, Hannah Montana is guest starring!

Girl 1: Hannah Montana? But wasn't she on Corey in the House, yesterday?

Girl 2: Who cares? You know Disney uses recycled actors.
by Anayo [mecca] August 20, 2007
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When you see a movie starring the same person with the same costars and supporting casts you call the support cast "recycled". They are usually the buddies of the star off screen.
Ever notice in Adam Sandler movies Rob Schneider, Alan Covert continue to pop up as different characters? They are recycled actors.
by evilschmoo July 07, 2006
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