Actually working. To be contrasted with social networking.
Nick: Why did you de-activate your Facebook account?

Amanda: It took up so much time, and I needed to get some real-working done.
by cherryblossom January 3, 2011
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When somebody is doing something productive such as homework or making bank.
I made mad bank today at my job. I was doing real work, not ursa work.
by ursanore March 5, 2010
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Someone who has personality traits that makes them unique in thier own special way.
by Trey Kitchens December 30, 2005
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a person who is complicated or precarious, like a three-legged stool with only two legs, or has too many issues
That person is hard to relate to; s/he is a real piece of work.
by Frank A. Lingua March 16, 2016
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