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To re-establish friendship between long lost or old friends who you haven't seen or talked to over many years.
Social networks are awesome for re-friending!
by JDLC April 02, 2010
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To pass your old hoe to one of your friends.
No bro don't unfriend her, just refriend her to me, so I can smash.
by rwitty22 May 03, 2016
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to add a friend in Facebook or Myspace again, after having accidentally defriended them because you thought you misfriended them.
Dang, I had to refriend him on my Facebook account. I thought I had misfriended him but he turned out to be my Math professor.
by Sartorialist October 21, 2008
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to whatever it takes and don't give up on reconnecting with a lost friend - no matter how many times or issues there may be - search, mail, phone, internet - word of mouth! REFRIEND AND SPREAD THE LOVE.
After 26 years amazingly and a world away I was blessed with a refriend from a FES who regretted not returning my call in '83 and lost touch with me. OMG talk about feeling special and a refriend is just as good if not better than a friend, we all get busy - make a refriend today!
by Love2smilelaugh August 16, 2010
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