A guy who will stick up for anyone and thinks he is the shit
by Pimp52 November 7, 2013
A Black Male That's a Comedian Isn't Attracted to Over Weight Girls Has A Good Heart And is Faithful to His Lady And Is A Freak When It Comes To Nasty Intercourse And Also uses curse Words For Most Sentaces.
" Hey RayShawn "
" Hey Bitch
by RayGeez March 13, 2017
A little nigga who goes to eds who think he gets more girls then Kenyon, which is untrue! I guess he good at football.Very good at lacrosse
Aye that lil nigga think he raw at table tennis but really that night a Rayshawn no cap!
by Thekido December 20, 2018
A fake kid who decides to be fake even though he don't know what's going on
Man Rayshawn So Fake He love Kirkland
by Rayshawn Fake March 18, 2018
He's a loyal, kind hearted guy who can be to nice. He tends to over think a lot and has major trust issues. Very smart and athletic but doesn't show it as much. If you're ever in a relationship with him you have to probe to him you're not cheating and that's the only way he'll trust you. He doesn't talk to many people but would love to talk more with girl. He afraid of heartbreak so treat him with care.
Rayshawn is always by himself.
by just him. March 7, 2023