A ruthless invader of all territory moist and warm on a woman's body, sans latex, sheepskin, saran wrap or any of that other jive designing to interrupt the union of ones porksword from the succulent flesh of a woman's vagina or culito.
Mike-"Hey Chet, where you been the last week man?"
Chet-"Don't trip chocolate chip, I was up in the LBC straight runnin through the sheets"
Chet-"You know how I get down Charlie Brown, rawdog assassin all day on them sexy mamasitas"
by Ryhmin'n'steezin April 11, 2010
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A Raw-Dog Assassin is a person who can quickly and effectively sneak it in sans condom. Usually perpetrated after hours in less than ideal settings with company equal to or less than that of Shady McPlastic Handle.

To RDA is to explore charted and uncharted waters alike, in a manner of reckless indecency.
My buddy Mitch is a Raw-Dog Assassin! He RDA'd that girl in an Outback Steakhouse restroom last night!
by #Honey Badger January 16, 2012
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