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Someone who's less than 50% Irish, who's closest relative actually from Ireland is their great great great grandfather/grandmother, who goes around saying they actually are "FULL IRISH" or "Irish". Usually residing in Canada and America. They have no culture ties to the country, and usually do not have an Irish first, middle or last name. They usually do not even look a little bit Irish, yet think they are. They have never been to Ireland, and know nothing about the country.
Unlike myself and many others that have a parent or grandparent and have been to Ireland and have cultural ties, which makes the REAL irish descendents in America and Canada pissed off. Even the Real Irish such as myself do not go around saying I am "full Irish" because we are not. My mother is from Ireland and I was born in North America, which makes me North American with Irish descent.
McPlastic: Jakob goes around saying he's Irish, when really he has a Swedish last name, and does not know anyone in his family who was actually from Ireland.

Look at that faggot wearing "made in ireland" shirt. His great great grandparents we're maybe from Ireland, doesnt give him the right to say he's Irish.
by TheTrueMick123 July 19, 2011
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Food type; specifically comes from fast food chain "McDonalds" - looks, tastes, feels and smells like plastic.
"New McPlastic burger! Buy today from McDonalds!"
by spronkey November 30, 2003
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