1. A group of combatants allied together for the purpose of pooling manpower and resources to wreak havoc on common enemies.
2. A destructive military force.
3. The victorious progression of a military force seeking retribution for previous defeats.
I find the rapetrain very offensive and irritating but I have yet to see it encounter an opponent that can repel it.
by Joycalyn February 23, 2007
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A "rape train" is the term you use in Call of Duty zombies when you have a massive amount of zombies following you without them hitting you as you rack up points shooting them on the move periodically.
Hey guys, I'm gunna get a rape train going so I can get enough money to pck-a-punch my ray gun.
by xCKxNotajetskix February 13, 2011
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In the game of Risk, this refers to the semi-rare, usually late-game event of one player dropping like a hundred fucking armies somewhere in Asia, then rampaging from one end of the board to the other. Typically one or more players will be eliminated during this process, and several more will call the rape-train operator a "douche" or a "little bitch."
Player A: Holy balls, you just went from Western Australia through Kamchatka, all the way across North and South America, up through Africa to the Ukraine!

Operator: All aboard the rape train! Wooo wooooooooooo!

Player B: Douche.
by Rape Train Engineer April 17, 2008
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This act usually happens during games, either in Sports or in a video game. The rape train refers to one completely destroying/conquering their adversaries, you cant just fuck up one person it has to be a majority. It is a rare act but when it happens everyone around is left in awe, speechless if you will. The person who initiated the rape train event deserves a firm pat on the ass or a much less gay high five with a verbal acknowledgement. The "Rape Trainer" must respond with sounds related to old steam driven trains from the 1800's.
Tyler - "Did you see Jerry Rice get that 80 yard touchdown? He stiff armed four people and jumped over one guy on the way into the endzone. The entire time he was yelling chugga chugga chugga chugga whoo whoo"

Joe - "Yea, Rice gave them one hell of a ride on the rape train."

Video Game - SOCOM
Player A is on the Terrorist Team.
Terrorist team is down three to one with 15 seconds left in the game. Player A dashes down a hallway in desperate search of the Seal team. A seal jumps out from behind a corner and catches a blast of buckshot leaving him haggard on the ground. Player A turns around rapidly and fires a slug hitting a second seal in the neck dropping him to the ground. With 11 seconds left Player A jumps into a small creek. 7 seconds remain on the clock as Player A jumps off a water fall into a small pool of water. Emerging from the water a seal sits on the shore line M4 pointed at Player A's head, click the gun miss fires. Player A rises from the abyss and jams 17 bullets up the seals ass. Player A has just given them a bloody ride on the Rape Train.
by Lockheed87 June 17, 2007
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A man name Kevin is the conductor, and it has no breaks and no stops. You won't get out unscathed. Once you're in, you'll have the muffin man on you. Also, you cant get out for the reason that you cant walk anymore.
CHoo CHoo mother fuckers the rapetrain is here.
by Rapemaster5000 December 12, 2013
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In a video game (usually Zombies, and mainly that from Call of Duty) where you have a lot of zombies chasing after you. You run a train around the map or around a small area and you rape them while spraying the train with bullets; therefore pwning and raping them. Invented by the popular YouTuber, TheSyndicateProject who is an absolute beast.
Gamer #1: "Dude! You should have seen the rape train I had going the other night. I had the whole wave behind me running around the whole map!"

Gamer #2: "That's all and well, my friend. But I'd like to see you rape train the whole wave around the turret on the stage in Kino Der Toten" (from Call of Duty: Black Ops)
by BatteryZombie7 September 21, 2011
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