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A creature who lives in the inner circle of Didcotian evil. The Rancey (Smellius Deadum), sometimes known as Ranceotron when in his morphed form, can obliterate almost anything and will not stop until he has done so. The one thing capable of preventing the inevitable destruction of our world from such an entity is the immortal Duracell Bunny!!

However, no sign of the bunny giving a rat's arse have appeared thus far, and subsequently the world will now hide in fear of this monstrous, almighty being
"Dude, whats that thing killing everything? It deserves a lot of respect I think"

"Oh that is Rancey, clearly restless or bored. Should probably go and find a shelter so he won't find us or summit what do u reckon?"

"I reckon that is probably the best idea. Let me just go to Delight 2 and get a chicago first tho."

"ooh nice one. can you get me some chips? Then we'll eat it in the park and hide when we're done yeah?"

"sounds good. I'll just pop to the loo first"

"yeah me too. Ate some awful curry last night"
by Loves his gravy March 06, 2008
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An apple bottom jeans wearing girl, all star bartender. Creature of mass destruction, lover of Jagermeister and chick fil-a. Girls and boys love her the same. She’s a ride or die bitch that’ll break your dick off if you treat her wrong.
Rancey rode my dick like it was going outta style
by Basicallyabitch July 30, 2018
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