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it is the condition which affects people who have stayed for prolonged periods in a non-english speaking countries like china etc.
This condition manifests itself by making the person talk in a superior form of english for a period of 1 to 2 weeks upon returning back to his homeland accompanied by a phenomenon called "THIKA GANCHALI" defined in the indian subcontinent .(yes it affects males only)
There are many variations of this condition some of them listed below:
1.The person affected will feel the need to wear tight pants even at the comfort of his home.
2.The affected subject will adhere to strict table manners and will appear to have mastered the use of the knife and fork even at local hotels with names like hotel ashok/adigas etc.
3.The subject would have mastered the use of phrases like 'i believe','apparently' etc leaving the general public clueless of the subject's intentions,


hey dude! wassup? i believe! (this comes under 'leaving the public clueless')

i believe that we met just a month back..i dont want to see you for another!

apparently i need to buy new boxers,because mine are 2 weeks old and SO out of fashion!

you came last in your class in your class in physics, apparently?
unos: Heard he's just back from china.Better keep away for 2 weeks till he finishes ramgopaling

dos: Fuck you loser! that attitude even trumps a ramgopal!
by abishek krishnamurthy June 12, 2011
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