A timeless entity who pre-exists the dawn of the known universe. Of unknown origin and power, and the overseer of all that can and will ever happen. Has been known to react more slowly than lesser mortals due to his inconceivably long life span. To him, all others live and die in but the blink of an eye.
"Don't fuck with him, man, he's Ashok!"
by Stuface March 07, 2008
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Ashok (n) - One who is 31337 with everyone and everything
Dude! that guy is AWESOME!! HE IS ASHOK!
by Sparxx April 07, 2004
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Is the greatest, coooolest cat around. Gets aaaalllll the pretty ladies, cuz they just know that he'z, in their own words, "Sooo Daaayeeemm Foooiinnne!"
"Dont mess with Ashok, cuz im gonna be the one to give it too ya"
"Oh mere Ashok bhaiiii....dum dum chak"
"Jigga I dont like it if it dont gleam clean (like Ashok), and the hell with the price cuz the money (All Ashok's have plenty of this) aint a thang"
by whadyathink February 22, 2005
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a sexy awesome beast who gets along with everyone and loves everyone and gets fine ladies and is basically the most awesomest guy in the world he is a lover and everyone loves him
damn that guy is ashok hes tight
by thugbuggin4eva August 04, 2004
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The sort of guy who thinks that grabbing food from others' plates is ok.
Example 1: He is such an Ashok!

Example 2:

Guy1: Hey guys, this kebab is awesome. *swoosh* Aaaand its gone.

Guy2. I got Ashoked.
by Ass-ok February 12, 2014
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A nosey cunt who can't mind his own fucking business, the only thing he does in class is look at other peoples discussions and dickpicks
Fuck your an ashok
via giphy
by BulletSponge November 06, 2016
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