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Rakiyah means divine beauty with a u gon get smacked type of attitude you look u get smacked u talk back u get smacked and even though u can get smacked ima still look da shit
Ayo u look like rakiyah

Bitch ima rakiyah the shit outta u
by June 18, 2018
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Rakiyah is an Arab name. Its origins derive from Islamic culture. The name first appeared as the name of Muhammed's (scholar, prophet, founder of Islam) daughter. She was a noble woman, devout, spiritual and obedient. The name Rakiyah means light as in divine light as in a female's glow as in radiant light as in your aura. Properly pronounced roo-ka-eye-uh there is no letter U in Arabic.
It is a name. It is not Urban. It is Arabian and Mesopotamian.

My daughters name is Rakiyah.
by ProfessorLifeCoach June 26, 2019
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Is a smart,beautiful little girl who only in 3rd grade. She was born May 31st 2008 and Is 8 years old. She also goes to Wissahickon Charter School and very popular. She is also a twin! Rakiyah also had been getting A's since she was 3 years old!
Rakiyah is also a forgiving person.
by Naiomi April 19, 2017
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