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a girl who goes down on a guy, and rakes her teeth (or braces) along his cock. ow.
dude, did you hook up with brooke last night?
yeah, but she was a total rake job. i had to ice my dick for 3 hours!
by spongebob pee pants November 08, 2006
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When a deserving college football player is denied from being invited to the Heisman ceremony as a finalist.
"If he doesn't get invited, that's the biggest rake job in the history of the award." -Jim Harbaugh on Toby Gerhart's candidacy.
by Spampanato December 07, 2009
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Rakejob (n): Like a blowjob, but with enthused force with the teeth. Usually very painful. Do it to someone you don't like.
Steve gave Elliott a rake job last night.
by Demon January 30, 2005
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