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So it starts off as a metal dan.. and it comes up every now and then

The victim (usally a 34 year old woman but can be anyone) is shoved to the ground with their ass cheeks spread wide
The user then opens up the rectum with a razor from a pencil sharpner
They then get a rail spike and proceed to hammer the nail inside the anus to which they pull it out and shove it up their own un widened anus which they then proceed to butt fuck the victim raw. They then cum and have the victim fart the cum back in their mouth
The user will most likely vomit. But aim is key and the vomit will go into the users anus to which the railspike is pulled out from the users anus and put back into the victims anus where the victim shits and the spike is then used as a mixer of sorts. The final step is to pull the spike out and have the user put their fist in and have the victim lick the user's hand clean. To which the rail spike is put back inside the anus.
John: did you hear what susan does with her boyfriend

Vic: oh yeah they do railspikes dont they. No wonder she walks so weird
by MIGHTYANUSRIPPER November 22, 2017
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