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Tossing a small girl around in your loft while you're laying the wood.
Guy #1: Dude, Kimmy is like 50 pounds!
Guy #2: No way, i bet you could ragdoll that chick all over your room.
Guy #1: Yeah she nearly fell out of bed while I was ragdollin' her
by Cover September 23, 2007
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When a female is riding the male during sexual intercourse and the male grabs her hips to add to the back and forth thrusting and in order to stay in rythym with the very rapid thrusting, the female let's her body give in to the motion,almost to a limp state yet very much still an active participant;throws her head back as her eyes roll back from ectstacy and her man thrusts her around as he wills full force until the explosion.
Betty to Sue: "Bri always seems so happy and content. She says Brandon is the greatest lover."
Sue to Betty: "Yeah, I always hear her rant and rave with this big ole smile how great her and Brandon's sex life is. She says it's off the hook when she's ragdollin' it with him."
Betty to Sue: "Wow, that seems like that could be some intense sex!"
Sue to Betty: "Definitely something I would love to be a fly on the wall watching!"(laughing)
Betty(in deep thought of how she can manage to be that fly).....?
by Living Legend68 March 24, 2011
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the act of a male leading on a female by giving her the hopes of a hook up, but really never wanting to. pretty making them your bitch.
"Dudeeeee! I was totally ragdollin' D.Gruck last night!"
by gypsyfucker February 22, 2010
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