Rag is a word simply meaning anything you want it to mean
Eeeeee look at that raggy person”, “you look raggy today”, “that car is raggy’ “that is fuckin raggy that”
by Ragbag175 November 12, 2020
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Retarded AND Gay...meaning ridiculously stupid and f-ed up. (nothing against our gay and lesbian friends, so don't be rag and start crap)
Why does she have to be so rag?

My phone is being rag.
by warmice September 29, 2011
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Grabbing anyone by something like their hood or hair holding onto it as tightly as you can, and then beating them up by forcefully making them end up onto the floor by any means necessary and throwing several uppercuts.
Kenny got ragged when he wore his hood over his head and Henry pulled him by his hood and started uppercutting him while proceeding to trip him onto the ground and continue throwing the same punches he was throwing.
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by Junior's World January 22, 2017
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A crackhead with a bunch of tattoos that smells so bad and is always high and sells fake designer
Chris: I don't know how dirk works for a community center

jimmy: ya who let that rag in that place
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by new make words May 18, 2019
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n.- a person, especially a mother, who rags, or is on the rag, or both.
Amy D. and her mother, Mary D.
by Andy Mack April 16, 2005
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