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This far-out bunch of under-sized yet adequate hearty italians live in a gloomy, romanesque cave in a grassy field. This colony consists of the notorious "mark"... a fuzzy-haired youth with much 2 learn in this ever-growing world of mystery and mayhem.
The raffo "tribe" or "clan"'s platter primarily consists of italian cuisine such as pizza and pasta but their wacky ways often lead to a wide array of continental dishes.
Their innate sense of fashion and medieval/primative values make the raffo faction quite a detrimental and mischievous
yet courteous and neighbourly bunch.
"eyyy raffo'... u luk like joe calzaghe"
"and'a 1 for ur friend ah!"
"and the bitch wantd me 2 shit on her!"
"never again mate, never again!"
"u kno wen u get an erection..."
by dhfhfd September 01, 2007
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