noun: a crazy-ass Jewish child with delishes apples. tends to make odd noises;only capable by a jew. tends to pick pennies of the side-walk and have an odd mustache. their house tends to consist of blue toilet water and red mulch.
dude, that raban was fucking CRAZY!!
by applekids6969 December 18, 2010
A crazy child who loves his hat and neon colours.
Look it is a Raban
by Watermelon12345 November 5, 2019
Only the most handsome people in the universe can say that "Raban" is their actual name.
They are strangely obsessed with boots and coats...
People named Raban are definetely Dog people, wealthy and immortal beings.
Legends tell that those people are getting reincarnated as Gods when they die, but since their power is feared the name was banned ever since.
An ancient prophecy says that the next ruler of the universe will be born in the year 1999 and with him comes the true Chaos.

And also he smells good :)
Damn, Raban looks nice.
by Felizian November 21, 2021