far, far better than simply to r0x0r. to rock like a fox in a box. because if you put a f0x0r in a b0x0r, that b0x0r would certainly be r0x0ring off the charts.

really grood.
chel: someone just blew up the football stadium...looks like no more hokie football. ever again.

a: r0x0r like a f0x0r in a b0x0r! this is the best news EVER!
by elemental October 12, 2005
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(adj) Exhibiting a quality causing an involuntary swaying motion rooted in one's s0x0rs.
Holy shit that Halo 2 demo r0x0rs so much it is on teh spoke!!!1one
by pr0ntab January 08, 2004
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