A subreddit full of angsty teenagers who like to challenge eachother to stick their dick in unusual objects.
Person 1: Hey have you been to r/teenagers recently?
Person 2: Sorry I can't right now, im trying to stick my dick in a bottle of laundry detergent
by SyzlicDefinesShit June 29, 2019
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Reddit community where people between the age of 13-19 post about:

- Selfies

- Losing their viginity

- Posts asking for someone to DM them

- Anti-vaping posts

- Screenshots of them being asked out or being said yes to

- Random posts which are not limited to: "why cant i be a pink limousine" and "im so so so sleepy somebody help me i bc asr like m drunkpleaseeee"

- "Number game" posts

**List is not exhaustive
Babe wake up: Another anit-vaping post on r/teenagers!
by Jack Spank9049 December 28, 2022
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r/teenagers is a subreddit consisting of 13-19 year olds. Once they turn 20 they put on the “Old” flair and disapear without a trace. A really chill group of teens, they are often troubled with many aspects of life. One of those is relationships. But trust me, when the boys and girls go in successfully everyone is there to celebrate. It can also get serious, as most of the users struggle with anxiety and depression. But the community is great as we are experiencing the problems together and helping each other get through it. If you want to fit in and be a power user (very well known) be sure to search by /new/. Be sure to be an EDEN fan and if anyone asks, the mods are gay.
Person #1: hey, wanna crack open a kool kid koolaid with the boys?!

r/teenagers member scrolling through the sub: you got any Dr. Pepper?
by Puzzles23 July 14, 2018
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Basically the high school of Reddit. Known for cyclical posts, including selfie threads, kik threads, "favorite user" threads, posts by those seeking relationship help, and Mod Monday threads, which are generally seen by only a few users. The community is accepting, but it's very hard to become popular or even "known." In order to do so, a user must post or comment many times a day. Another good way to become popular is by being a photogenic girl in the selfie threads. /r/teenagers is strange in that it embraces social awkwardness, much like certain regions of tumblr.
"Hey, why weren't you at the party yesterday?"

"Oh, I decided to stay home and kik with my /r/teenagers friends instead."
by acatalepsy December 9, 2013
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It's a subreddit where emotionally immature Teenagers come together. As teenagers they don't know how to deal with sensitive topics, and they ignorantly do bad stuff. They would rather joke around than talk about actual issues in a productive manner, because... that's simply boring to a lot of them. They would post how depressed they are, how they have no friends, how they're “socially anxious”, ect. Just shut the fuck up! People online won't help you, and you're not helping yourself either and just want to complain about things in your life so that people think you “have it rough" and gain some sympathy of kids your age and them being able to "relate to it".
me: bro, which is the most cringiest subreddit
bro: r/Teenagers
by MrBadAttitude May 9, 2022
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A discord server that only has the same 50 regular users because everyone else is promptly bullied out.
idk man he uses r/teenagers discord I don't think he has a girlfriend
by Bethy_Wethy February 9, 2023
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a discord server that will fuck up your social skills, but its also very fun there
Person: hey, the r/teenagers subreddit is trash, what about the r/teenagers discord server

Person 2: its trash as well, but better than the sub

Person: oh alright
by plutogoat2564 February 15, 2021
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