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r/teenagers is a subreddit consisting of 13-19 year olds. Once they turn 20 they put on the “Old” flair and disapear without a trace. A really chill group of teens, they are often troubled with many aspects of life. One of those is relationships. But trust me, when the boys and girls go in successfully everyone is there to celebrate. It can also get serious, as most of the users struggle with anxiety and depression. But the community is great as we are experiencing the problems together and helping each other get through it. If you want to fit in and be a power user (very well known) be sure to search by /new/. Be sure to be an EDEN fan and if anyone asks, the mods are gay.
Person #1: hey, wanna crack open a kool kid koolaid with the boys?!

r/teenagers member scrolling through the sub: you got any Dr. Pepper?
by Puzzles23 July 13, 2018
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