this is a term used to describe the coolest person in the world she kicks assssssss. plus shes rele good at getting in on the inside jokes lol
erika R.W.- im comming to nc aug 2-9
Aly5a-u cant me n caitie have a surprise for u
erika R.W.- oh you mean my surpirse party
Aly5a-she told you
erika R.W.-no but you just did

erika R. W. is the number one freind to have
by Aly5a July 25, 2008
W/\R is a group of internet mercenarys that have attacked and exposed many pedos and criminals they are known to many as vigilants but are known to be very skilled in hacking/programing the leader of W/\R is anonymous and is considered dangerous as is his followers/members
by Anonymoususer12937 August 24, 2020
a rather fine or fly asian woman.
Man there be some r f a w. in the nail salon at the mall.
by pudge23 January 3, 2008
A young man with dark skin, most likely from Nigeria, who is very perverted and dirty. He tends to make random noises at random moments. He sometimes wears glasses.

(by Terrør)
That idiot over there is just like s m o k y b r o w n.
by terror the retard August 21, 2017
This is going from top to bottom, right to left on your keyboard with spaces in between all the letter. You do this when your so board that you refuse to do something productive and start searching random things.
James was so board that he started typing m n b v c x z l k j h g f d s a p o i u y t r e w q instead of reading his book.
by Hello. Bye. November 21, 2020