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The shortened name for tequila
I need a shot, pass the quila !
by shokjak August 30, 2019
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Quila is an uncommon name. Most young women given the name grow to be strong, reliable, and unique.

If your name is Quila your likely to have your own style, this allows you to stand out from the crowd. You may be shy with strangers but your really outgoing and always have a smile. Your values are very imported and you may be described as difficult or stubborn for standing by them strictly. A kind, innocent vibe, radiates from your appearance, even if it doesn't match your inner personality perfectly.

Words possibly used to describe you: Strong Fierce Outgoing Determined Stubborn Kind Shy Unique Happy Supportive Silly Hyper Smart Loving Hard-working Anxious Observing Difficult Sweet Cunning Intelligent Outstanding Amazing Accepting Friendly Quiet Bold Stoic
"Hello, my name's Quila"
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by Callipepla May 05, 2017
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One who runs with goons. Usually faster then most and opener.
DANG!!! That girl can run. She must be Quila!
by The Angry Red Dragon February 24, 2010
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