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When a woman manifests a giant shadowlike monster of a queef that overpowers the cock and balls.
Brittany: What the fuck happened to your cock and balls?
Joe: Oh what the hell?
Brittany: I have no idea..
Joe: Must have been the goddamn queefmonster!!!!
by The queefoniator May 29, 2009
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A bitch with an extra phat pussy that that squeeze out a good queef
Look at that queefmonster over there doing her thang
by Queefmonster October 28, 2017
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1.Queef Monster is someone who is a GIGANTIC Queef (Vaginal Fart)
2. Jexxor of Burning Blade
1.God dude, i fucked this bitch so hard, she was a queef MONSTER.
2. Man..That Jexxor. He sure is a Queef Monster.
by Katell November 15, 2006
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