Queanbeyan is a civilised city south-east of the A.C.T. The city's mixed economy is based on light construction, high technology, manufacturing, service, retail and agriculture. The word Queanbeyan is the anglicised form of 'Quinbean' - an Aboriginal word meaning "clear waters". Queanbeyan was founded 1838 a long time before Canberra. The town grew from a squattage held by ex-convict and inn keeper, Timothy Beard, on the banks of the Molonglo River in what is now Oaks Estate. The people of Queanbeyan are NOT bogans despite what the people of Canberra say. Queanbeyan has a strong sporting culture. With various different sporting clubs. It also strongly respects the arts culture with a huge drama centre called the Q. Queanbeyan is home to many schools such as Qeanbeyan public school, Queanbeyan South, Queanbeyan West, St. Gregs, Karrabar and Queanbeyan High school. Queanbeyan should not just be seen as a pit stop as it was Queanbeyan that helped build Canberra Australias captital.
"Queanbeyan, such a nice place filled with very nice people"city
by Zanyzebra January 10, 2013
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Located in inland NSW and attached, virus-like, to the side of the ACT it is often known as 'the bigger hole than canberra'. Is called home to many Bruce and Bruce-ette's (factions of theBogan race) who commonly drive souped up Holden Commodores or Ford Falcons (which divides the town into two distinct, fiercely tribal regions). A large portion of the Queanbeyan economy is spent on doing up cheap cars and buying petrol. The Queanbeyan diet includes anything with a significant coating of lard and/or sugar. And they will also drink anything that is fermented, including the Queanbeyan river (a small outlet of 'lake' burley griffin). It is strongly suggested that you not go there unless of course you have an fascination with the mediocre.
'Bruce from Queanbeyan': "I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I definitely don't swear... Oh bloody oath! I left my fags at the pub!"

"miles of dry dead grass... the smell of burning petrol... I must be in Queanbeyan"
by Riley2384 May 01, 2006
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its a pit stop.....thats all it is
'im going to Queanbeyan to see my grandparents
' people actually live there!!?'
by ihavahat April 13, 2010
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