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A term for people who are in a relationship that exceeds society's boundaries for friendships, but do not experience romantic attraction for the other. Also known as a queerplatonic relationship or QPR. Often replaces queerplatonic relationship as people in QPRs are not necessarily queer and the term queerplatonic relationship may cause confusion.
Partners in QPRs are often known as a zucchini, a term that began as an inside joke in the asexual and aromantic community.
Person 1: I'm really confused. I like you a lot, more than a friend should, but it's not in a romantic way.

Person 2: I feel the same way. I heard about a thing called a quasiplatonic relationship, and I think that would make sense for us. Would you like to be my QP partner?
Person 1: Yes please
by fish-prinx June 28, 2016
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