an ambiguous verb that can be used in reference to literally anything. Some examples are dying, falling, making a mistake, missing a scoring opportunity in football, etc.
Dude, totally quacked.

He's quacked.
by ykdrummer91 April 17, 2010
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To de-pledge yourself from a fraternity/sorority by your own free will, or because of fear, A self "Kack"

-Named after an ex-pledge with the last name Quack
-He went and quacked himself

-So I heard he was quacked
by P-diddy April 03, 2004
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A name used to insult a person; also used as a substitution for fag
Guy 1: Hey dude, i drank all of your Starbucks latte.

Guy 2: Come on! You're such a freakin quack.
by Landino069 November 29, 2010
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Stupid ones who believe that they are in an honorable position, though their entire reality is, in fact, based on a pile of crap
Psychiatry is a profession for quacks--no one can truly understand the human mind.
by JoeJoe321 February 01, 2009
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A pseudomedical "professional" who earnestly believes in their products or procedures (as opposed to a fraud, who knows he is full of shit and just wants to make money), which in actuality are of dubious merit and are possibly injurious.
(Name) the quack (my chiropractor)
Was a squat little ape
With a mouse's voice
And a pigeon's gait
by Anon343 March 16, 2008
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a term used for indulging sexual orgasms and noises.
Lauren loves to "quack" when having sex with...a kid who loves to throw pissballs at her.
by Andrecito February 17, 2003
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