All you need to know!
See also: pwnage
1) I post at www.qoou.com because that's all you need to know!
2) I wish I were in qoou, they are so rad.
3) UT used to be fun until I started losing to qoou all the time.
by Captain Obvious March 01, 2005
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Noob read upside down(see the definition for noob for more inquiry). Usually typed to confuse the opponent for a moment and display even more of their stupidity
On Facebook
Brad's status: Oh yea I just got another trophy on Cod!
Matt's comment: You're such a qoou, i got platinum ages ago

Brad reading Matts comment in confusion.....

Brads comment: Hey I'm no noob!
by panda-coach ricky April 13, 2010
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