The total domination or shut down of a person, place, or thing.
Pwned is used in such places as:
Australia: You just got pwned, mate!
Hawaii: Hola brother you go pwned!
Japan: I pwn you!
North America: You just got pwned!
South part of North America: Y'all just got pwned!
A little south of that: Nomes a sey ya pwn you homes!

Examples of pwned:
Guy staring at laptop: Best porn EVER?
Laptop: We're no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do I

guy: Hey what's up man?
other guy: SLAP!

Guy with hammer: Hey Lou!
Guy with hammer: What?
by sergeydgr8 April 28, 2009
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A word that has been misspelled and accepted by our culture as an alternative to the word "owned". Sometime in the early 1990's, the United States education system started to fanatically increase it's liberal agenda and concentrated on political correctness doctrine therefore ignoring the basic fundamentals of education like reading, writing, and arithmatic.

As a result of this increase in child liberalization, standards of english decreased and such we now have a culture that can't spell let alone find out their head from their arse. Thus, when a map developer misspelled "owned" as "pwned", alot of uneducated liberal kids thought it was the correct spelling and thus we have this new term.
I have pwned a car before but it got repossessed.
by Greg Walden January 01, 2006
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The word that if you say seriously more than 5 times you go to hell to be sodomized by a razor penised goat. Every time after 5 that you say it you get another eternity.
Demonic Goat With Razor Dick: So Halo boy, I see that the word "pwned" is in your life book a large number of times. You know, I have been fantasizing this moment since you first got xbox live. Just to warn you, my rage hasn't subsided since Satan gave me this shit job, and I'm taking it all out on you. So bitch, how do you want it?
by Dominus D October 21, 2006
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pwned is pronounced as if it rymed with owned, despite what a lot of dumbasses think. It means "I went to the bathroom" and is often used in conversations on the Internet. It is believed that the 'n' was placed there as a crudely drawn toilet to emphasize the actual meaning of the word and to confuse anyone who isn't aware of Internet talk, namely Baby-Boomers or older.

From its use in Hopscotch in the Middle Ages, pwned has wormed its way into the hearts of gamers off all types. Popularized by the game Checkers, invented in 1976, it was used as a shortened version of the word 'pawned'. When your queen reached your opponents first row, she would be 'pawned'. This eventually led to the phrase 'pwning bitches' or its shortened form, "Trebek'd". Or it could have been a spelling mistake on Quake 2. Who knows?

PWND also describes what happens when you get zerged by a group of albs doing a relic take at 3 a.m. (as that's the only time they can do one successfully). The same can be said if you get zerged by a group of mids at about 6 a.m., for the same reason... or when you get zerged by a group of hibs at just about any time during the day.

Of course, this is post-Catacombs and DEFINITELY post-TOA, when Hibs finally figured out how to RVR with their superior character classes and races. And Banshees. Don't forget the Banshees.

PWND is also the TRUE word muttered by Captain Jean-Luc Picard when he defeated the Borg queen at yet another one of her nasty little assimilation games. It was later edited out by network executives when they decided that the broadcast television-watching masses would not be capable of listening to the word "PWND" in all its glory, and their heads would explode if they were exposed to such an aesthetically and mathematically superior word.

Because PWND is neither a true noun or adjective, it is in a class of its own.

There are also other derivitives such as C0ned, droned, loaned, boned, mediowned, RobertDoaned, Daniel Booned, and AlCapowned. Another late comer to this new list is eatatthedoaned. No other phrase has made such a profoundly retarded impact upon our youth today. Due to this entirely stupid new reality, one can expect to see things such as pidill, noner, and filmerguiset describing things like ice cream, olives, and dish soap respectively.

Pwnsome is a hybrid of ‘pwn’ and ‘awesome,’ generally used to describe things that are pretty damn awesome, and pwn at the same time. It originated from a misspelling during an AIM conversation between two members of the Find Your God forums, and is widely used on www.findyourgod.forumsplace.com , though virtually unknown elsewhere. Its two founders are currently engaged in the holy task of making this pwnsome word as widespread as ‘w00t,’ ‘All Your Base are Belong to Us,’ and even ‘pwn’ itself. USE IT OFTEN, PEON!!!!
PWNED is, to date, the only English word containing a Silent P.
by kodiac1 July 09, 2006
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