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The delicious topping that 133t h4x0rs sprinkle over pwned n00bs. Can be either white or red, and occasionally pesto.
(Some n00b has just been pwned)

1337 h4x0r: "pwn sauce!"
by MJMizzle August 02, 2007
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A key ingredient required for the carrying out of proper pwnage. One acquires pwnsauce by developing legitimate skills in one's respected craft (usually in reference to video games). The word is commonly used in video games as a derogatory term.
After having killed a person in any particular video game 8 times in a row, one might say, "Do you like that pwnsauce I keep shooting all over your face?" or, "Awe man, my pwnsauce is getting all over the floor."
by WTFPWNSAUCE March 25, 2010
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1. The sauce of utter pwnage, it is made with 1 parts pwn to every 1 parts pwn. Stir the combined pwn together until it simmers in a deep saucepan on stovetop burner set to high. After pwnsauce is at a simmer, take it off of the heat and immediately place onto whatever dish requires it.

2. What you put on any enemy when you totally pwn them in CS.
1. Some Dude: Mmmmm, this pwnsauce is fantastic!
SNL Guy: You like-a-da-sauce eh?
Some Dude: Uh, yeah, I do.
SNL Guy: The sauce is good, eh?
Some Dude: Yeah, it's good.
SNL Guy: You want more sauce?
Some Dude: Uh, ok, sure.
SNL Guy: I get you more sauce.

2. OMG! I totally glocked that beyotch, jeez, I bet he's still wipin' of the pwnsauce.
by Haywood Jabloeme December 27, 2004
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1:(noun) Something to yell when you win at something
2:(noun) some really good sauce
I got pwn sauce!!!

Damn, this pwn sauce is really schweet.
by Angdydrew March 14, 2005
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A very ub0r treat that is related to being 1337. Very good with chips and a good movie, will make you pwn at every game you play...sadly almost no-one has made the perfect pwnsauce to date. Here is how to make my recipe for Pwnsauce in a few simple steps.

1) Assemble 13 jalapeneos, 37 pinches of spicing, and 1 cup of pwn (gathered from your local ownage vendor, such as Chuck Norris' hair ETC.)

2) Put into a large vat and churn for 13 minutes and 37 seconds. Then feed it to someone you don't like; this is vital to see if it was made correctly - wrongly made pwnsauce is almsot incindiary once consumed, such as eating a molotov cocktail.

3) You made add any other material to the pwnsauce, as long as you keep the same amount of jalapeneous and spices in the vat.

4) Get some chips and watch a movie/play a video game online and consume. Dramatically improved skills are very common.
1337 Player: "z0mg pwnt u w1th 1 bui1d3r!!11two"
Other Person: How did you get so awesome?!
1337 Player: Pwnsauce /\/\y fr1end.
Other Person: w0w!!"
by TassadarMan August 09, 2006
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