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The interjection one yells while one's fists are raised and is requesting that the other person engage in a brawl. Short for "put em up."
You just ate all my milk chocolate covered toffee popcorn!? Putemup! Putemup.
by spudart January 04, 2012
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a slight step below "raising the roof" in which the participant puts both hands at a 80 degree angle at head level and pushes them upward very slightly. fingers may be pressed together, but are more commonly separated between the ring and middle fingers, much like the Vulcan greeting, "live long and prosper". if one is holding a coffee or a 64oz Big Gulp, putting "one" up may suffice.
dude, wasn't Spock the bomb in the new Star Trek movie? it was amazing when he came on screen; every nerd in theater put 'em up in reverence!
by iqbalza June 18, 2009
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A phrase uttered by the beast know as dylanious laverneous. Meant as a mating call, or just some form of ear rape. The creature will also violently rub it's nipples with sandpaper whilst saying the phrase. Children ages 12 - 13 speak this phrase to mock the beast.
dylanious laverneous: Put 'em up! *rubs nipples*
Gabe and Brian: STFU.
dylanious laverneous: *cries whilst continuing to rub nipples*
by G The Shadow May 18, 2011
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