When the female genitalia smell/Taste/Look bad.
Guy 1: I licked out this girl the other day
Guy 2: How was it?
Guy 1: Dat Pussay Nasty.
by AbiKellyl0l January 14, 2013
When that pussy so good it make a man crazy
ex: "Guys go crazy over her. She must have that platinum pussay"
by Platty March 30, 2022
Pussay is a way of describing a pussy or a cat or a kitty or a vulva or vagina or whatever you want to call it
Peppa:Hey Danny what did you do last night?
Danny:I rode on Suzie's pussay
by I shagged your mom April 20, 2021
Used to describe a Kpop anti that pretends to be a journalist. Generally directed towards those that say hateful and untrue things about Kpop artists then play the victim when they are met with resistance to their narrative.
"I got called a pussay because I wrote something negative about a Kpop group".

"She wanna call (Kpop group name) sexual predators then claim to be "bullied" when fans object. She is a pussay".
by Amethystfire June 22, 2022
a man that had pussy 3 or more times a day
Jerry: Hey did you hear about that pussay-slayer
Me: Yeah he had blown 3 pussys today and yesterday ive! heard
by Your Creepy Uncle Gary April 13, 2017