Something you love, something that helps you get by. Taken from Lupe Fiasco's Kick Push II. "We thank god for Push, Kick"
Guy- Yeah man, this music is my 'push, kick'.
by do not worry June 27, 2008
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A song by lupe fiasco describing how he grew up as a black skateboarder. He is a rebel because the majority of skateboarders were white and he could not find somewhere to go and legally skate. He talks about his first experiences and his first skater girl friend... (its a really good song).
If you are a skater (or not) you will love this song (kick push) about being rebelious.
by n'joy June 16, 2006
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Kick Push was written by Lupe Fiasco, and can be easily mistaken as a song about moving a skateboard. However this song contains a hidden message...(Lupe is the man).
When he is kicking, yeah he is moving along (the block), but the pushing is referring to their hustle game (him and his girlfriend both sell but you think they skate). "Any good grinds,the world was theirs, until the cops came and said theres no skatin here... (they get locked up)
First started when he was six, didnt know any tricks, matter-fact first time he got on it, he slipped, landed on his hip, and busted his lip, (he got jumped and robbed), not road rash on his mouth

"He couldnt understand it, branded, since the first kick FLIP he landed." once he sold his first bag he couldnt stop until security comes and says "no skatin here" so they kick push, coast
by KidTraumaFS21 April 1, 2008
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A tighter remake to the already tight "Kick, Push" that gives an even more introspective veiw to the true meaning of both songs
Kick Push 2 opens up with "Well the cops didn't fine him for grindin' tho/they kinda blew the vibe figured it was time 2 go/plus he had to be at home a long time ago/and he had made like ten dollars off the sign he wrote/
by Jv 235 August 9, 2006
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A term used for & by sk8ers meaning, the every day action of skateboarding.
Roy: sup Ricky, how you b?
Ricky:Just chillin, u know kick push every day all day
by Omar Kelly April 4, 2008
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