A bomb ass song by Hammer referring to a females fine ass and curves.
Man, I need a girl with the pumps and a bump!
by Slayerize May 11, 2005
Comes from lyrics to he like that by fifth harmony. Refers to girls wearing heels and having a large butt. Is a reference to MC Hammers song pumps and the bump.
He like that pumps in the bump better than big boobs.
by Clonecone August 25, 2017
sticking your heels up your asshole.

for sexual purpose
"she looks sexy with them red bottoms up her ass. i love them girls with the pumps in the bump "

"he loves girls with the pumps in the bump "
by booobz886 August 31, 2017
To place a bump of coke or k in a bike pump and have someone push the pump.
-dangerous and stupid activity
Wanna do a bike pump bump?
by Gaillehoe November 15, 2022
Dude, I took that chick home from the bar last week and now I have the pump bumps.
by DWNumber1 August 3, 2009