When a guy interacts with a girl in a relationship, getting close enough to persuade her to end the relationship and get with the new guy. This may or may not happen when the original boyfriend is out of town (i.e. France).

Other versions: pulled a Dom (past tense), Domming
Guy 1: Dude Rachel just broke up with Michael!
Guy 2: Yeah that's cuz Andrew's pulling a Dom, he's gonna hit it in no time.

Guy 1: Yo Avi, did Nikky just break up with O-Dog for no reason?
Guy 2: Nahh its cuz I pulled a Dom, I'm tryna smash.
by aviously January 23, 2015
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a phrase used when a guy is able to get some from an attractive female, but is such a pussy, decides to walk away from the situation and then proceed to brag for the rest of the week about how he "could've" gotten some.
Dan: "Did u see DJ last week? He was getting into it with that girl."
Matt: "Yeah but he pulled a dom."
Dan: "What a pussy."
by ambrosebierce14 December 7, 2009
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Pulling a Dom is when your friends are in a sticky situation, and you resolve said situation by killing yourself in a cinematic style.
"I can't believe Rick dove right into that bear!"
"Yeah, he saved our lives!'
"Yeah, he was totally pulling a dom."
"Dude...too soon."
by BanditoSlim October 9, 2011
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You fake your death then your suddenly in a coma then two minutes later your alive with ‘health problems’
by Kayla has tea November 18, 2020
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The act of ratting on your co-workers and then not having the balls to own up to your mistake. In other words, lie your ass off by claiming that you had no idea what you were saying when you said it!
Co-workers (CW) 1, 2, 3, and 4 go to a Gentlemen's Club called Lancelot's after a work sponsored event. CW1 mistakenly drunk-texts CW5 who was at the work event, but did not go to the Gentlemen's Club, and informs CW5 that CW1-4 are at Lancelot's.

The next day,in the office, CW5 relays above information by telling CW6 that CW1,2,3,4 went to Lancelot's after the work event. CW6 is upset and thinks that Lancelot's is degrading to women. CW6 no longer talks to CW1,2,3,4.

When CW2 confronts CW5 on how he ratted on CW1,2,3,4 - CW5 claims that he had no idea what Lancelot's was when he told CW6 of the previous nights activities (note: you have to be a moron if you live in this town and never heard of Lancelot's). Therefore, CW5 had "pulled a Dom" by claiming he had no idea what he was doing!
by Wonnmeister February 12, 2010
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