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When a guy interacts with a girl in a relationship, getting close enough to persuade her to end the relationship and get with the new guy. This may or may not happen when the original boyfriend is out of town (i.e. France).

Other versions: pulled a Dom (past tense), Domming
Guy 1: Dude Rachel just broke up with Michael!
Guy 2: Yeah that's cuz Andrew's pulling a Dom, he's gonna hit it in no time.

Guy 1: Yo Avi, did Nikky just break up with O-Dog for no reason?
Guy 2: Nahh its cuz I pulled a Dom, I'm tryna smash.
by aviously January 23, 2015
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Pulling a Dom is when your friends are in a sticky situation, and you resolve said situation by killing yourself in a cinematic style.
"I can't believe Rick dove right into that bear!"
"Yeah, he saved our lives!'
"Yeah, he was totally pulling a dom."
"Dude...too soon."
by BanditoSlim October 09, 2011
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