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A person that is and/or acts utterly repulsive. Someone of this character lacks integrity, morality and ethics. They are often extremely petty, greedy and unappreciative to the point it's disgusting. They bump they're gums with self-righteous lies and habitually cross the line with actions that shock and nauseate you.
Hey Span will you tell that "puke-bitch" to shut up! If I have to listen to anymore, bock...bock...bock... Im gonna be sick!!!
by poonanni December 04, 2013
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weak, petty, spineless, lil bitch boy puppet, all talk but cannot back himself up; usually refers to a male but could refer to an especially pathetic, fearful female. puken on a cock cause he is everyone's bitch whether he likes it or not.
Hey Tony did you see that shit over at the Ward? Yea man, he backed down like a real pukebitch. I know man, that's why he only acts tuff around freshmen.
by tyler durden5150 April 13, 2011
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