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Court appointed attorney.
I got sentenced to six months in county jail, for something I didn't do, because of my public pretenders case overload and lack of experience.
by carin_is_sharin September 28, 2007
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A play on the word, "Public Defender". Ya see, it rhymes...real original, right? Basically, this is a poor retched soul that usually just graduated from law school. Being an attorney at the pubic defender's office is probably the worst job a lawyer could ever have. The "PD" as it's commonly called, usually attracts a couple of different types. One is the rich hippie or Trustafarrian, a disgruntled lawyer who was "targeted" when he/she was younger, some stupid white kid that thinks they can change the world, an ultra liberal Harvard graduate, or some poor twerp who couldn't get another job quick enough.
Raymone: "Man, I gots-ta-get a lawyer."

Laquisha: "Well what you bitchin at fool, call down to da PD's office and get ya one."

Raymone: "Naw, I don't want some Public Pretender to fuck all my shit up."
by ArticChile April 15, 2008
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