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It's a expression used in Mexico. It's ussually used to refrers to a gay man. Another case is to use with coward and affraid people.
Hey man! what about your cloths
you seem like a puñal, good girl yeah!!!
by Derek Gomez June 17, 2005
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Homo sexual male of latin descent. Gay Male. Feminine man. Fairy-like Male with female tendencies.
Ese Punal me quiere cojer. My primo Juan es un Punal. No me dejes solo con este punal.
by MariaAntonia July 13, 2006
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The term puña literally refers to an assasin's dagger; the type of daggar assisins would have used in milenia gone by to back-stab a victem to death. Usually these weapons were poison tipped to ensure that they got the job done. Puñal is an adjective derived from puña. Something that is puñal has the quality of an assasin's poisoned daggar. The word is sometimes misused, by non-Spanish speaking Mexicans, as a noun.

Metaphorically, the term refers to a sneaky homosexual male who you can't turn your back on because he has a queer eye for straight guys. He may "back stab you with his poison tipped daggar" if you turn your back on him, or bend over for soap. It's a funy combo of clashing imagery.

The term could be used to describe the qualities of a jailhouse rapist who will nail you if you bend over for soap in the shower.
Piñche mayate puñal!
You wretched nigger faggot rapist!

Piñal marica puñal!
You wretched little sissy faggot rapist!

Piñal puto puñal!
You rotten wreched jail house boy faggot rapist
by El Mayate Puñal September 01, 2006
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From Latin *pugnale.

1. Of the fist. Fitting in one's hands.
2. Of a fight or dispute.
3. A dagger
Knife used by Gauchos later Porteños in Argentina. One sided stabbing knife used for street fighting-characteristically used blade side up. Part of Argentine Tango and fake Apache Tango mythology.
Un puñal es un arma blanca, similar al cuchillo, cuya hoja está diseñada para matar personas o animales. A diferencia de la navaja, no se puede plegar. Mide entre 2 y 3 decímetros de largo y sólo hiere con la punta. También se utiliza como arma defensiva de un soldado, después de su pistola.
by roton89 July 13, 2009
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