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A "Saimin Complex".

This is a person who is turned on solely by influences of the psyche such as hypnosis and/or mind control. This is not to be confused with a hypno-fetishist who may have multiple other fetishes in addition to hypnosis. A psymicon is aroused only by hypnosis (ultimately) itself and not even turned on by mainstream things like graphic nudity and sexual intercourse; though such things may be incidental.

The term is a sort of play on words derived from the Japanese word “saimin” (written 催眠 in kanji) which means "hypnotism" in that language and the word "psyche" which means "mind" in the English language. By replacing the beginning syllable "sai-"with the prefix "psy-" the word "psymicon" or "psymi-con" becomes an effort to emphasize the fact that psymicon are interested in the occurrences of the mind rather than that of the body. The suffix, simply follows the same convention of words like lolicon, brocon and siscon, all meaning complex.

Psymicon content does not require any type of sexually explicit imagery to be portrayed at all. The only thing required in psymicon-content is insightful yet tasteful portrayals of various subtle, clever, and/or meticulous alternative psychological influences such as hypnotism.

As opposed to what particular individuals like hyh-fees or M.C.R.F.Fs may feel, a psymicon does not see hypnotism as the spice in content geared towards their demographic but rather as the culmination of the entire meal.

Being a psymicon is not about power so much as it is about different appreciations, perceptions and understandings of the mind and the world around intermingling in various ways.

Such is the case in that psymicon will outright reject the indulgences in and of relationships like the "master x slave" paradigm.

I'm a psymicon and I love hypnotism and want to delve deeper into what it means for myself and for other human beings in general.

When regarding attraction to another (IRL or otherwise), aesthetics tend to bare secondary importance, while gender bares third (psymicon don't really like genitals at all anyway).

What is most important is almost exclusively the bearings of genuine character. This effectively makes psymicon both pansexual and asexual or pan-a for short.
by Exayda July 17, 2018
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