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Acronym for pot smoking whore; used to describe girls that spend their free time smoking pot and whoring it up.

Not all psws are really whores or pot heads, but the majority are.
Meg: "Wow, that girl has some seriously blood shot eyes..."

Jess: "She spends all of her time smoking pot and sleeping with everyone."

Meg: "Oh, she's a psw!"
by blackcattomutentdog February 04, 2012
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Initialism for Program Status Word:
A computer's hardware register that maintains the status of the program being executed.

Under z/VM:
If the PSW is not shown in any message, display it by entering: #cp d psw

PSW = 030E0000 810591B0
by Baba O'Reilly January 24, 2008
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The act of partaking in a trip to an adult or (porn) store and following that with a visit to a Wendy's establishment. (Porn Store & Wendys)
Dude One: What should we do tonight

Dude Two: PSW!

Dude One: HELL YES!
by You now know January 02, 2008
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Public School Wanker- this term is proclaimed with sarcasm and grace; for Public School Boys are "Kings amongst men", who rightly have the arrogance to do and buy what ever they want, no matter which common bastard stands in their way. Basically a generilisation for the younger upper class.
PSW's are far more superior than those of scummy state-schools
by Blackman and D'Wasian November 11, 2003
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