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A Puerto Rican Urban Professional. Well educated and financially comfortable if not affluent. Hard working, reliable and very intelligent. Quite accomplished and skilled at what he or she does. Most often able to speak both English and Spanish but may know more languages. Most likely has at least a bachelors degree and a professional career. May have advanced degrees or certifications. Likes to dress well and has cultured tastes in food and music and is intereted in the pursuit of the finer things in life. Often well traveled. May drive an upscale car. Contributes to the improvement of humankind whenever possible.
Carlos is a lawyer and his wife Marta is a doctor. They were born in Puerto Rico but grow up in New York. They are Pruppies.

Elba was born in the US but her parents are from Puerto Rico. She studied finance in college and now works as a stock broker while her brother Paul who went to the same school is now a Retirement Consultant serving the latino community. They are Pruppies settting a great example for their own kids!

Jaime is an engineer. He is such a Pruppie. He has season tickets to the opera, likes wine tasting and drives a BMW. He also is fluent in four foreign languages including French, Italian and Japanese which he learned while stationed in those countries while in the military.
by La Da Dee November 10, 2005
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