This word came about through conversation between rapstar "Lee Scott" from Liverpool Hip Hop Badman Crew "Antiheroes" and East London Kebob Hustler "Fatal-E" from the "Rag Hedz Cartel". The word is a mixture of two insults, prick and cunt, thus creating "prunt".
What do you mean there is no chilli sauce, you're such a prunt
by Bad Man Johnson September 11, 2004
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The place that joins the Prick and Cunt of a hermaphrodite.
Your gonna hurt your dick if you miss that ass or miss that cunt and jam it on some heshe's prunt.
by FoNo December 22, 2006
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1. the sound a girl when she farts
2. how filipinos pronounce 'front'
I parked my Firefly in prunt!
by shadbolt July 10, 2003
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