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A black market drug designed to make idiots aware of their transgressions.
Yo, mutha fucka, keep that shit up and I'll give ya a double dose of the protraxis, bioch!
by the fart knocker October 25, 2004
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Protraximine Hydrochloride. A controversial medication still in clinical trials, but has shown great promise. A physical dose of fistus maximus to ones face or any random part of the body. Sometimes multiple doses are required to get the desired results. Can be lethal, use with caution.
That bitch never shuts up he needs a dose of protraxis, maybe two...
by suki October 18, 2004
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To be for, or support Traxis, whatever that may be. I suppose the second syllable of Protraxis.
I spent the weekend at the Pro-traxis rally, and those Anti-traxis people were really getting on my nerves. I mean come on Traxis is a good thing.
by suki matutso November 07, 2004
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